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Hi all,

I usually check the forums before play to see/learn the opinions of others and the development of the game. I begin with checking the topics I've posted in to followed by the general forum.

I must say that even though I feel it's the Devs throwing a bone at the mob, I'm satisfied with the fact of the work being done by them! Some posts lately by Nielsen for example with an ETA on new maps:


It shows me that they are realy working hard on the development of the game with the limited resources and time they have to do it in.

Even this map, Goldrush. Check out what Nielsen has to say in this topic:


I think that if the Devs are working on certain issues with which the community is struggling, it would be nice to have some sort of confirmation that they are working on it. For me atleast it gives the feeling of "hang tight, it will be fixed soon"

Not forgetting about the other Devs and their work (a list of 3 pages; check here memberlist.php?mode=group&g=26 ) we as a community should give more credit to the Devs and their work, even though sometimes invisible, they are there! Think about it, the list contains 62 Devs for a game that is free and has a relatively small playerbase compared to those other F2P games.

Just writing this post as a big cheer to everyone who helps making this game great!

Keep on the good work!

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  • Totem Arts Staff


We're reading everything you guys talk about but it's a dayjob to keep up with, so we don't always respond.

All the stuff important for feedback and bugfixing is of course relayed to the team, so yeah we are watching!

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Oh hey its a fun game!

Its just i struggle re-adapting back to everything being hit-scan after having played a game-serie where everything was actual ballistics for years. For now im only useful in a vehicle or in the own base but im sure my memories will return over time.

Keep up the good work ze :P

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