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[1.03] Launcher won't start RenX 2a (solved!)


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After I have copletely formatted my PC last night, so I reinstalled RenX afterwards. The RenX Launcher v 1.03 seems ok at first, also "logs-in" into Steam when launching through it, but it won't start RenX v2a. Neither for MP games nor into in-game Menu. Nothing happens! No any RenX applicatations/executables/processes are running when trying to launch it.

I am going to un- and re-install RenX 2a right now, maybe this will fix it.


When I opened the RenX 2a installer, it asked me to firstly uninstall this current copy. Yes.

..but nothing happens here, too!! It won't uninstall, simply nothing happens as I wanted to launch a game.


I moved into the Renx directory and executed uninst000.exe, this seemed to work. I am now going to re-install RenX 2a. BTW, to launch RenegadeX.exe and UDK.exe before didn't work to get a game running!


It looks like the RenX Beta 2a Installer didn't install missing DirectX (9, 2008-2010) components yesterday, but skipped directly to the .net Framework and VC Redistributable as I remember. Just now while the 2nd install, it has installed all the DX components as usually. I am not sure why it didn't install it yesterday. It should had installed them. Could be an Installer bug. I am now trying to launch/join the game.


It works!

It seems that those missing DX components were causing this failure.

I was using:


Size-1: 2,34 GB (2.523.587.739 Bytes)

Size-2: 2,34 GB (2.523.590.656 Bytes)

Downloaded from "Area of Gaming (Germany #1) - http://area-community.net"

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

QuadCore Intel Core i7-920, 2800 MHz (21 x 133)


DirectX 11.1

..etc pp..

Everything seems ok yet. I firstly thought about a corrupted download/file with missing data.


Oh, I remember something.

When I tried to launch RenX 2a via UDK.exe, so it aborted with an red error due to missing DirectX / DLL files.

A pity right now that I didn't take a screenshot of this error message. Excuse me about that!

Thanks for reading, hopefully those issues will be fixed within next Update.

Best Regards and keep forward into developing this awesome game.



OMG, this game runs so smoothly now...


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