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Ideas for alternate game modes


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Lets talk about some ideas for alternate game modes for rengade X.

Cause only c&c mode is after a while boring ;)

First idea for a new game whould be the conquer mode.

In this game mode you have to capture a tech building to win.

Not the silos, a new tech building. For example the Comcenter or better the Temple of Nod ( so you can call this mode Capture the Temple :o ).

You have to controll the building for 4 or more minutes to win.

Both team have still a base which all building and functions. And of course you can destroy the buildings of your opponent to make it more difficult for him to win.

The difficulty is to place this tech building on the map, thats every team has a good change to take.

Second idea is actually very old: Its capture the flag.

Place of the enemy flag is in the base (again which all working buildings).

So you can take a few of the c&c maps for this game mode.

A important rule for this mode is, that the carrier of the flag cant enter a vehicle.

I hope you likes this ideas.

Have you guys some other cool ideas?

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I believe in C&C mode and it should be at the core of everything Renegade, IMO. That said, some alternatives that still use the same base aren't bad ideas.

Just the same way you could win in the past with pedestal beacons. Its just a "variant" that adds something without being something else entirely.

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