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More sidearm weapons to buy?


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Are there plans to add more then the 4 current extra purchasable sidearms?

Like maybe a nice shotgun, with better accuracy and range? Maybe if you have a silo you can buy a tiberium flechette shotgun!

A revolver, those are cool right? Maybe its like a very short ranged ramjet rifle that isn't 100% accurate?

What about some more grenade types? Maybe a sticky grenade? Tiberium grenade?

Laser aiming for applicable weapons?

The possibilities are endless!

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...On one end, I'd love variety, and maybe having a weak rocket launcher for anti-tank (Though the heavy pistol is good AT right now)

I'm just concerned with what reason I'll have to play anything but a sniper or an engineer if any of the sidearms added are as borderline OP as the Carbine or Tib weapons.

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I don't know what the devs have up their sleeves but I wouldn't be surprised if future tech structures had new sidearms to buy. I remember hearing talk of an armory once before.

Everytime an idea comes up about spicing up the game, someone just says "tech structure" and I cry.

Can we stop wanting to link nearly any idea to them? Thank you. Tech buildings as they are are boring ideas that limit uses of interesting stuff.

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