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Renegade X a mod or an independent game?


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I'm really interested in playing Renegade X but I currently reside at my school, which does not allow torrenting games. I realize that there are other download options, but I'm curious if this is a completely separate standalone game, or something that can be purchased.

Is downloading Renegade X legal? I'm asking this because I am not sure if it is a mod since it was essentially a remake of a game, so it's kind of worrying me.

Seems too good to be true that this is free :)

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It's a free game. Developed and released free by it's creators with the permission of the rights holder, EA.

It's not illegal. And it wouldn't be illegal for you even if the game was created illegally (which it wasn't). You're downloading a free game for free. You aren't circumventing paying money since it's free regardless, so it's not piracy.

You can download and enjoy it all you want for free.

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