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Lakeside: Move the Airstrip control tower.


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Every time I am Nod on Lakeside, I buy an APC and just camp the airstrip control tower because every time a hotwire just casually walks up the river to it.

Nobodys over there, its pretty out of the way and unless you spawn inside you have no reason to be there. Players are at the refinery and HoN all day long getting refills and whatever, but unless the airstrip needs to be repaired do you have ANY reason to go over to the control tower? No.

There arent even that many spawn points in the control tower so you have less of a chance of spawning inside of it.

A hotwire can casually run up the river and disarm any mines without being seen, especially since GDI always seems to have control of that infantry path for some reason.

It needs to be moved elsewhere, or in the least place a turret over there even though turrets arent exactly anti-infantry.

Make that area between the Control tower and the river into a cliff so you have to pass closer to the HoN to get to the control tower? I don't know just do something.

Meanwhile, on GDI the WF requires you to be visible a bit more to get to it as its more centered in the base and the Bar theres usually a lot of players running around there. Though Nod does have the SBH, but I digress.

PS: Orca's can shoot over the rocks and hit the HON with no way to shoot back at them without an Apache or walking all the way around.

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