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Lan Server Problem Please Help


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I Installed the latest renegade 2 beta, and setup the server using server.bat file which i created following a thread here. My Server.bat file is like this

@echo off
cd "C:\RenXGame\Binaries\Win32"
start UDK.exe server CNC-Field?AdminPassword=password123?maxplayers=40 -port=7777




i ran the server.bat, then after the server initialization i opened the game from launcher and started the game. In the game window choosen multiplayer and through direct ip i connected to the server from 2 PCs connected in the LAN.

But after that i don't know what to do. the game started but no option to select on the screen, I can see is water and a ship there. but match is not starting. i can access console and tab for stats. In stats there is no players. No bots are added. same thing in other 2 PCs also.

Please help me to start the match. I am now stuck on the screen i think it is waiting for players. How to start the match.

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the forums.

Your bat file is wrong, here let me fix it for you

@echo off
cd "C:\RenXGame\Binaries\Win32"
start UDK.exe server CNC-Field?AdminPassword=password123?maxplayers=40?GDIBotCount=10?NODBotCount=10?GDIDifficulty=10?NODDifficulty=10?GDIAttackingValue=60?NODAttackingValue=6 -port=7777

Unsure why the match would not be starting though.

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