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GDi can get a Mega-Kill against Nod Base on Goldmine.

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If GDi plant a beacon in the SW corner inside the Obelisk it not only kills the Obi, but takes out the Refinery AND the Airstrip in one go..think that's pretty much GG for Nod at that point and one GDi player rolling in points and credits.. have tested in skirmish, all buildings 100% HP, so was not a fluke, is a major issue.


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Maybe this has nothing to do with the issue on goldrush, but it's a similar thing. So I post it here:

On field I noticed that GDI can take out the airstrip and refinery by planting ion beacons at the walls right next to the lower entrance to the tunnels.

I don't know if this was already a feature in the original Renegade, but I think this should be fixed, cause it seems to me like exploiting a mistake in the map design.

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