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Net Code ( Don't know if its the right place)


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I don't know if anyone else is experience this problem, but the character movements in game are brutal right now. I find it very hard to hit people when they're jumping all over the place because they're basically teleporting around when you fight.

It also adds to the difficulty of trying to snipe other players in the game. Since the movement is not predictive and jittery, it makes those extra special shots that much harder. This is not latency related, I went through all the steps to check it and had server admins verify their end as well. I don't know if its planned or not, but something needs to be optimized for next release. Infantry vs Infantry fights seems very luck based now.

IF anyone can shed some light, it would love to hear it.

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Hmm interesting. I really need to dig further into this if its me. I have a steady ping of 40, don't lag, I have 60+ fps

I've played on St0rm, TheMatrixRen, Gbb, Fubar.

Every server is the same thing regardless of player count so I figured it was a game issue. If its my internet, it explains a lot of issues.

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I definitely see some jittering, nothing too heavy though. Rarely disrupts my shots but on occasion when sniping at long distance a sprint will just magically teleport left or right just slightly, enough to matter. Thats actually why I don't go for the head most of the time. (and why I don't use the 500$ sniper)

The game is only missing SEVERE prediction issues when vehicles make contact with infantry, though. I'm sure everybody here got pushed by a friendly vehicle. The "lag" and jitters it create is just... insane.

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