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Player that are kicked shouldn't join again.


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Today i notice a very anoying problem.

In our team, there was a player trolling. He runed to his teamamtes and atteched c4 to them and let it detonade.

So we were fianlly able to kick him. But he returns for a second time and we must kick him again.

Then a returns for a third time - kicked again.

But the problem doesn't end: He returns for a fourth time. But this time with anouther playername.

I notice that it was the same player. first because his behavior.

And second he had the same playernumber again.

This guy didn't stop to ruin the game for us. :mad:

So there could be only one solution: player that are kicked two or three times should'nt be allowed to join again.

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Yeah, griefers are a major problem. I've been playing several matches with 2 griefers on my team, and they just wouldn't stop re-connecting and ruining the game.

And it's not just C4 trolling, they're also blocking building entrances with APCs, pushing team vehicles out of cover, spam ion/nuke beacons to cause FPS lag etc.

Something must be done about this. Server admins aren't around 24/7 and thus these idiots keep destroying the fun for everybody. Also at some point most people stopped voting or voted against a player kick since they knew it wouldn't do much anyway, which is simply a sign of resignation resulting from this problem.

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Easy solution play on Highly moderated server . Like the MATRIX aow ( im mod there and alot of other people ) the server is bound to a irc channel we can even read the chat without being ingame we didnt had any problems with griefer ( they are taken care of VERY fast and easily .)

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