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issue with launcher


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i download the game right now

and start Launcher and go to "servers" tab but there is no server

my friend have this problem too

there is a picture a take from launcher:


what i have to do?

thanks (sorry for my bad english)

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Ok, so how was this fixed? I assume that installing Beta 2 was the fix for this, but I have Beta 2a, and the server list was working fine until yesterday. Was there an update I'm not aware of? Skirmishes run fine.

I'm actually running the game through wine, but it worked fine up until now. I can provide some terminal output that says the launcher had a Null Pointer Exception and such:


The server listing tab shows nothing at all, the first time I click it. No table, no listing, just the background image. Then, after I click on another tab, and then go back to the Servers listing tab, I see the image in the first post.

Oh and I found 2 launcher logs as well, for today's starts:



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