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Vehicle Count Going Into the Negatives


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I noticed that at times the vehicle count will start counting backwards into the negatives (Ex. The last time it did this it went to -25!). Purchasing vehicles still makes the counter go up, but something is causing it to count backwards. Some people say that the server probably has unlimited vehicles, but I don't think that's the case. Any idea on what's causing this?

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I think omega79 is totslly corrct. Vehicles that you got from crates will most likely substract from the vehicle count when destroyed (but wont be added to it when they spawn). So this is probably one reason for negative numbers.

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Also destroying the Gun/Rocket Emplacements causes the vehicle count to drop when it shouldn't, hence why it happens often on Whiteout.
it probably subtract a vehicle if a vehicle your team got from a crate gets destroyed
I think stealing vehicles does the same thing.

I do think these are the cause. Maybe make it so the turret emplacements and crate vehicles don't contribute to vehicle count? As for stolen vehicles, I'm not really sure how they should count toward the counter.

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