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Can we control the voting? This new easier to pass system is a pain the butt.

One person decides to vote next map, half the players don't pay attention to the poll others vote yes. n Bam game over n people are moaning about it.

Any thoughts?

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Yeah I've noticed many people seem to think the perfect length for a marathon is however long it takes for them to get bored. Even ran into people who purposely block teammates from disarming a beacon to force their team to lose.

For the voting system, I don't think kicking a player and vote map end should require the same amount of votes. Also, 30 seconds is way too long, 15 seconds is more ideal. (Old system was ~7 seconds I believe)

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Voting can't be controlled server side?

Thats definitely a problem. There should be a multitude of option there that are separate, including Kick Vote & Map Change Votes. Servers should always be able to disable specific voting abilities.

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