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Lag issues


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I experience pretty choppy frame rates on the lowest possible setting (no shades or anything). tank explosions make me freeze for half a minute, and for many servers going to a new game makes "UDK stop working".

I am using a laptop, but the graphics card should at least be able to handle medium settings.

my GPU is a AMD Radeon HD 8650G, its integrated, but its one of the best integrated graphics cards out there for laptops and should be able handle most games on medium no problem, let alone ren x.

my cpu is the AMD A10-5750M which Im keeping at 2.5ghz, and claims to overclock to 3 only not too sure how that works....plenty of RAM too...I got the laptop refurbished and im thinking maybe the card isnt performing how it should.

I downloaded the updated direct x thing that was suggested, and that helped me at least make the game turn on, but I just have no idea why the frame rates are so bad on the lowest setting, any idea on how i can diagnose this problem would be great, because my laptop should be able to run it on higher settings no problem.

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