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Can't join any servers


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Unfortunately the Launcher shows all servers, including all the ones still running on the old Open Beta 1 version.

Either use the in-game launcher, or check to the right if its Open Beta 2.

There a lot more players in Open Beta 1 than 2 at the moment.

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I'm having the same thing, I can do skirmish vs bots, but any multiplayer server I try to join it spends several minutes loading FrontEndMap for the menu I was just at.

I'm not sure about yours, but in my game the launch splash screen says Open Beta 2, but then in game it says Open Beta 1 in the lower lefthand corner of the main menu. Playing skirmish it has all the things of Beta 2, so I guess it is..

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I downloaded the new update and I cannot join any servers, it loads then just goes straight to main menu.

Make sure you have manually downloaded Beta 2 instead of Beta 1 (says in main menu). You have to do this since Renegade X doesn't have an auto updater yet. This fixed my problem. I hope it helps :D

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