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[Feedback] Renegade-X OST


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Amazing work guys. Some Renegade-X soundtracks sound like they have been made or modified by Frank Klepacki himself. Here I want to mention some Feedback about your Renegade-X OST.

For those who wonder about an released Renegade-X OST, check this out:

Upcoming game update | Beta 2

(Please notice: This thread is getting modified.)

This is the actual tracklist:

* Time to Rock 'n Roll

* Tension Rising

* Command & Conquer

* Full Stop

* Move It

* Industrial

* March to Doom

* Act on Instinct

* On the Prowl

* Stomp

* No Mercy

* Blinded

* In the Line of Fire

* Valiant

* Another Present For Ya

* Rampage

* Serenity

* The Dead Six

* Death Awaits

"Time to Rock 'n Roll"

And there we go... :)

"Tension Rising"

Does it already have a cult status?! Yes it does!

Let me say, "Renegade-X without this soundtrack wouldn't be Renegade-X anymore!" or "What will be Renegade-X without Tension Rising?!"

It totally fits into the Renegade-X athmosphere. I like such sentimantally work. Tension Rising is one of the best Soundtracks I have ever heard for a game.

"Command & Conquer"

This soundtrack simply honors C&C, Renegade-X and its Developers!

"Full Stop"

Frank Klepacki could/might be proud of this one.

"Move it"

Wow, Frank could have been worked on this! Nice work guys!


I like the background tones within.

The violine is a bit too strong tho.

I am not really sure if I could remember the original Industrial sountrack out of this version.

It seems to be a different/completely new one.

"March to Doom"

Ah well, I am not a fan of such a sound but great work tho. I would skip this soundtrack.

The "original" sounds better... :P

"Act on Instinct"

This here is again a nice work, fits into the Renegade-X athmosphere and the "original" sounds are noticeable.

Begin of 01:51 and its continue rocks... Nice mixes guys.

"On The Prowl"

Nicely done! It could have been made and/or modified by Frank Klepacki. I like it.


Sounds like the original, amazing work! From where do you get these sounds?


"No Mercy"

Hmm, I feel the violine and trompets are a bit too strong. The original one is better, sorry.

What do you guys think about to re-create/re-complie this soundtrack. No Mercy deserves something better. After times these sounds here begin to annoy.


A cool soundtrack!

"In the Line of Fire"

The E-Guitar could be done by Frank Klepacki. Nice. Overall, isn't this soundtrack a bit too great for RenX?



Nice change of the athmosphere.

This is again such a soundtrack which perfectly fits into the Renegade-X Universe, for a cooldown after a fight.

"An other present for Ya"

It simply rocks!


This soundtrack could be the first one who actually fits 100%ly into the C&C Renegeade-X Universe. Made for RenX and made by RenX Devs. A pity, it could be longer.


A masterpiece!

"The Dead Six"

Mystically for Mystics! This changes the in-game athmosphere into the great. Let's imagine, you run around with Sak/Hav or Rave/Pic and you do have an amazing killstrike. One headshot after the next one until you die with a K/D of 40 to 0, lol.

"Death Awaits"

The bass which begins around 00:40 is really really amazing, but for my sensisible ears the rest is getting annoying after a short time. It is too "shrill". I can imagine what you wanted to cause with this soundtrack, but it could be betetr. This soundtrack deserves a re-do.

A few dislikes D:

* Industrial

* March to Doom

* No Mercy

* Death Awaits

*** More soundtracks are missing :P

My Fazit:

You guys did an amazing work, some tracks remembers me about the good ol' times of Frank Klepacki. Other tracks simply fit into the Renegade-X Universe. It is amazing, really amazing. Continue your work.

Tho, a few soundtracks are too "shrill" and deserves a re-do. Others are too loud.

Some instuments fail, March to Doom for example.

Alright, here we go... Let's discuss 'em!

Dear Renegade-X Team, you guys should create a Soundcloud.com account for the good, and share your amazing work officially for free!!

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