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Beyond Black Dawn


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Okay ... a few years ago, back in 2012ish I think, there was a lot of fanfare about the release of this single player campaign. I wanted to play it at the time, but I found that the installer refused to run under XP64. (Thankfully this hasn't been a problem with Renegade X's Open Beta.)

Now that the multiplayer open beta is here, I've been poking around and I can't seem to find anything on Beyond Black Dawn, anywhere, aside from the sneak preview trailers.

What happened to it? Did it ever get released in full, is the demo still available?

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Alrighty. I just finished downloading and unRARing it, but it looks like I still won't be able to play it.

I get an error message telling me that I need to have Service Pack 3 installed to run the installer. XP64 never got a Service Pack 3. That's an XP32 thing.

This error didn't happen when installing Renegade X's multiplayer, so I assume the devs corrected the issue when working on that.

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