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Suggestion for the leaderboards


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So players are ranked by their total score in the leaderboards. I don't think that's an accurate portrayal of players' skill levels as it just pushes up the people who play more than the others. And since it does that, these leaderboards don't really rank people by skill, just by time devoted to the game.

An accurate portrayal of player's skill levels would be to rank them by score earned per minute (of total gameplay). So that would be calculated by dividing total score earned by the total number of minutes put into the game. While I think the top 5 or 10 would remain in about their same positions, 10+ rank positions would see a drastic change. I also think this is a viable option as people earn score for doing usefull stuff in game. So "useful stuff per minute" is, in my books, quite a feasible option for displaying someones skill level.

I don't think k/d ratio or win/loss would be accurate portrayals of skill levels worthy of putting people on the top of leaderboards as well. This is for the simple reason that you can become a havoc/sakura every game and work up a k/d ratio of above 7 or 8, but that doesn't help you destroy the enemy base in any way, which is the main objective of the game. Win/loss would not be appropriate as this is a game dependant heavily on teamwork. In Pubs, the skill level of your teammates is unpredictable, and even the pro-est of players can lose if all their teammates are completely new.

There can be an option to sort the leaderboards by k/d ratio, but the leaderboards should by default be sorted by score per minute.

Just my two cents =)

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