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RenX Launcher WIP


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I needed to get familiar with the native win32 gui functions, so I figured I would make a RenList equivalent for RenX - complete with ip sorting that makes sense :P

This is what it currently looks like, I'm hoping to add the extra details pane at the bottom and finish the sorting api tonight/tomorrow, and then release it later this week. Currently doesn't include the map as that's not part of the public server listing (I've asked for it to be added, and I'll update this when it is)


Any suggestions/feature requests that I can do add before release?

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If you are doing windows development it may have been easier to use C# and WPF.
Like I said, the launcher is kind of a byproduct; it's the api experience that I'm after. If I just wanted to create a launcher, I would definitely have used C# :P
You and this guy should team up lol: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=72881
Same thing as above really; everyone else is using the more appropriate languages for simple GUI development (I'm guessing the one you linked to was written in a .net language).
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