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Building Shortcut Suggestion


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Two simple suggestions for the building shortcuts on the bottom of the screen:

Put a small health bar for each building underneath the symbol, so that players can see directly how much the building is damaged. Most of the time EVA is spamming with "War factory under attack" "War factory repaired", but I never know whether the building is so damaged that I need to drop everything and go repair; and I look more often to the bottom of the screen than into battlescore overview you need to press TAB for.

Add tech buildings to the shortcut list, painted grey when neutral and red / yellow when captured. That would be a constant reminder to fight for the tech buildings.

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I don't think it's hard to attack, once you organize your team. And for defending your base, the effort should again be to organize your team. The effort should NOT be to overcome a UI that has been kept complicated for balance reasons.

However, at least the tech building shortcuts would be handy.

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