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Server Lag


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I've been having really bad lag in a lot of my games where everyone starts running into walls or in circles and if I die, I respawn with no weapons and usually I can't leave the building because the doors won't open. Occasionally the game recovers and everything goes back to normal, but usually it either stays like like this forever or I get kicked off of the server.

I've tried all kinds of different graphics settings including everything on low with dynamic shadows and lighting off; as well as various resolutions and windowed mode, but nothing seems to reduce the frequency of this bug. I've also set my GPU to prefer maximum performance in global settings and in app specific settings for Renegade X in the Nvidia Control Panel.

It's not my internet connection that's the problem—I have exceptions made in all of my firewalls and I live in the U.S. with 30/5 MB/s cable. It doesn't seem to make a difference whether I play on U.S. or European servers though. I've also checked when this lag happens to make sure my internet hasn't dropped out.

The only thing that seems to reduce the frequency of this lag is playing in smaller servers—it seems to happen a lot less often in 24 players games than in 40 player ones.

Here is a video of what happens:

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