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I dont know but...


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Sorry if people find it annoying when I ask this...

I am somewhat new to the internet when it comes to web and stuff. However, I am not new to multiplayer gameplay, as I used to play online through RenegadeList or some program that was actually used by a great amount of people to play online in servers and such, which was like 2 months ago.

However, I come onto the download area after hearing the most freakin' awesome mod known and see that the Renegade X is a torrent or something, which I was told downloading torrents were illegal (and this is a mod, so it wouldn't be...), along with the fact that I have no idea how to even download torrents that were told to be legal or something like that. I was told by people that I hung around with and they may not know jack about the internet.

Sorry if I sound "newb" or whatever, it's just that I got trust issues when it comes to this type of thing. If anyone would like to explain or help, that'd be great.

The question is, is the torrent the only way to acquire Renegade X and go play some good online? If so, anyone mind spending some of their time helping me out?

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Torrents in themself are not illegal in any way, Like a knife is not in itself illegal, but stabbing people is.

It is the way they are used mostly that are illegal.

If you download illegal content well then it is illegal, but not because of the torrent but because of the content.

You can download Renegade X with the torrent fully legal. But if you are unfamiliar with torrents i suggest you choose a direct download mirror enstead, since torrents require a torent management program.

Hope it helped else feel free to ask again. :)

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Torrents are just a special way of downloading. It works with a program that connects many people that have the file you want to download. The idea is that it is much faster, as it will download files not from start to finish but download the file at any point it can get it from the peers.

Downloading or distributing is not illegal. What is illegal is distributing copyrighted material without permission. Songs for example are nearly all copyrighted. If you distribute this without permission, as will automatically happen when you are torrenting, you will do something illegal. Downloading copyrighted material is not always illegal, depending on your country. In some countries the downloader does not suffer consequences, only the person who uploads. Again, torrents will upload while downloading, so do not do this with copyrighted material if you are afraid of repercussions.

This game is done distributed with permission from all parties involved, so it is both legal for normal download and torrenting.

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I thank both of you for the helpful information, I am just confused with most items of the internet. A friend pointed me to an article explaining a great deal of torrenting and how to use it legally.

@TheGroundsKeeper, I don't need a torrent program to install RenegadeX? I don't know if there would be a difference in like the game would be better if installed through a regular download or using a torrent downloader.

Edit: Just found a download mirror below the Germany mirror that doesn't seem to require a torrent program. I'll try this on my laptop and hope for the best.

Great replies, guys. Thanks for the help.

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Ok, listen up. TORRENTING is legal. It's PIRATING that's illegal. Pirating happens through torrents, it works one way in that direction. Pirate. Torrent. However, that doesn't mean one must pirate to use a torrent, meaning that you can torrent without pirating.

In lay mans terms, piracy works through torrents. Piracy itself is illigal. Torrents are a tool of piracy but torrents themselves are perfectly legal, provided the game maker allows the torrent to be used (or at the very least, as long as a game is free).

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Yeah, as mentioned using torrents is perfectly legal. It's what you're downloading that can be considered illegal. For example, if you were using a torrent to download a movie or a retail game or some music, then it would be illegal.

Think about it like this: If you're downloading something for no charge that you would usually have to pay for by other means, then it's probably illegal unless specifically stated that it isn't (by a reputable source). Otherwise there is nothing wrong with torrents.

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As I wanted to try and download it through a mirror, my download stopped and told me because it was not commonly downloaded, it recommended me to stop downloading.

So after I ran it anyways, it then said that it may had damaged media along with another thing and it stopped the download all together...

I don't really know if it's easier and better to use a torrent program or not, but anyone know a really reliable program and it's link? I am just deciding to go through the process of using a good program to get the game without any errors like "omg this mai be virus pls stop" or something like that :P


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qBittorrent best torrent. Also ISP companies got no idea what you download tbh, they called me during the steamsale and said there was a lot of "fileshare" going on from my side, when i was downloading 100gig+ of games without even having torrent apps installed at the time. Its bullshit and as long as you dont over do things they will have a hard time finding out.

However Netflix, hulu and all those great things are out there and so easy to use, search ,click and play in HD.

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