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Blocked repair gun targets: Anti-griefing measures


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I played a match earlier where one of my teammates stood in front of the MCT when the building was being bombarded, as well as stood on top of a beacon to prevent it from being defused, causing us to lose a building. In these cases even if the vote system was completely fixed you would be unable to kick them before any serious damage is done.

I'm not sure if this would be possible to code, but I am suggesting either one of two mechanisms:

1. Your original repair gun target is the only one that the beam will repair until the beam stops. You would still see the health bar of a beacon be draining even though someone walks in front of the beam.

2. Your repair gun beam will pierce through your teammate only if there is an MCT or beacon nearby/behind them.

This isn't just for people that want to team hamper or grief, but also clueless people new to the game that don't know they shouldn't be standing in a particular spot.

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Like Omega said, true to the original. Other than kicking someone, I don't think there's a realistic way to fix it. You weren't able to move aside? I was always able to find a position to hit the MCT with the repair gun, it's definitely big enough. The beam passing through other players would be odd, can't imagine how you'd do that because the gun can repair players as well as buildings.

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The issue was more for beacons, where it is small and easily blocked off by someone, especially if planted in a corner.

People standing in front of the MCT is more of an annoyance, except if there is a couple timed c4 in front of it. Although sometimes I have to try defusing timed c4 at point blank because it's clipping into the MCT.

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