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Game lags like hell


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Ok so i was looking forward to this game, but now it lags like hell, not sure if its the overwhelming server but the game lags and freezes and sometimes the weapons dont show and my character starts flying into the air. But the most annoying symptom is the lag although i have everything set to low and my specs pass the recommended being :

6GB DDR3 ram

Intel core i5 2500k

GeForce GTX 550ti

I doubt its my specs, and ive read other people have the same issue so whats the deal this lag totally kills the awesomeness.

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I have a slightly worse computer than you and yet I am running this game on ultra settings with 2xAA with 40-60fps.

Your specs should not be causing lag.

Maybe see if this will help


Yea i checked the topic and setting to prefer maximum performance did the trick game runs smooth as butter now, thanks all.

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I have close to the the same specs as you, it may have been the server. Some play better than others. Check for an ip with less than 30 players close to you.

Yea maybe as ive noticed on some servers the lag is awful specially with 40 players. But others dont lag at all. I wanted to add to my first post but forgot, there are 2 maps where the fps drops to the mid 20's for me its in whiteout and goldrush, the other maps the fps is 50-60 on high settings 1650x1050 reso.

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