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Stealth Tank (STANK) invisible while shooting

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If you hold down the left mouse button to insta shoot TOW missiles then switching to the right mouse button to continue shooting, you will hear a confusing noise. Also your perspective won't change, your STANK goes stealthy but still shoots.

I am not sure if it just just for me or for everyone else too.



Don't take a look on that HummVee, the AI is always shooting hidden and/or stealthed units/vehicles. At least I did damage while being stealthed.

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As soon as i press left mouse i uncloak. Couldnt reproduce this. How exactly did you do this ?

I think he goes unstealthed then back to stealthed while still shooting. When switching to hold down right click from holding down left click, he stealths back up but still shoots.

Haven't tested it, but it sounds like that is what he is saying.

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