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Walls - NOD PP VERY vulnerable to Air Strike attack


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I know now that the Air Strike is supposed to do negligible damage to buildings...but while playing in a server with 1 bot, I accidentally found a "SWEET" spot and was amazed the building died. I was just aiming the Air Strike where it would be exactly hitting on the outside wall of MCT. This was the 1st air strike I bought...ever. So I was thinking..man these Air Strikes are OP...then I couldn't do hardly any damage while testing it. I was only able to do 0-6% damage on several other tests.

(below copied and pasted from our forums cuz lazy :) )

In Ren-X, the Airstrikes do minimal damage to buildings. However, we've found a specific spot on NOD PowerPlant that takes significant damage. Seemingly related is the fact that the player also bought an apc, as we could not reproduce the results without an apc. Also, the building had to be less than 60% health to destroy it.

We were able to do this several times only with GDI. Key components include building at 59%, APC, engie, and specific point for airstrike to hit.

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