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Win by score


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I think that the party that has the most buildings destroyed should always win, no matter the score. I've had several matches lost while we had all buildings intact, while the enemy had only one building left but a score just a bit higher. That's ridiculous!

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See I agree with you, but you're going to be raising the ire of people who rely on score games. The killwhores and pointwhores specifically. You'll hear crap about "skill" and "teamwork" even though both of those are lacking in score (i.e. time limit) matches. They are entitled to that thinking and their own server types though. The solution you need is to play on marathon servers. That's where the real skill is.

There are plenty of marathon servers to choose from right now. Which is far better than the one real surviving marathon server old Renegade had.

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While it is frustrating being on the losing team despite having the most buildings intact, you've got to give credit to the other for being able to hold out for so long while being bombarded to hell. They've got little to no chance to make a comeback after losing much, and if it takes so long for the opposition to take out a single building, well then they probably weren't worthy of victory. But that's just my opinion.

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Thats the game!

Scoring more points, even if you have lost more buildings than the enemy, means you are the better team!

losing even if you destroyed more buildings means your team has not enough teamwork to finish the job!

Winig due to destroying more building would overpower SBH nukes by so far that it is rediculus to even think about it!

you can not change the SBH that much to balance it again, and renegade without SBH ... comon

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