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Bought weapons gone

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As a regular GDI Rifle Infantry, when I bought a weapon as the Heavy Pistol, TibFlechette or the Carbine etc so this weapon disappears when I died and respawned. The silenced pistol so appears back. All other free characters as the Shotty, Engineer etc and bought characters as the PIC etc, these bought weapons are still there after respawning.

I havent tested this as Nod, yet.


It seems, that the primary rifle unit never repsawns with a bought weapon back. Nod and GDI. Shotty and others respawn with a bought one tho.


Yesterday whenever I bought the Carbine Rifle as usually, after my next respawn the Tiberium Auto-Rifle replaced the Carbine Rifle. Is this a naturally happening? It happened on all maps. I played on Jelly's.

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