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Damage "Deadzones" for characters - No Damage Zones


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Hi all,

I've been collecting and testing Ren-x since the open beta and have found a character modeling glitch for the characters Deadeye, Havoc, and Blackhand sniper that have what I call "deadzones". They represent the boundary between headshot area and bodyshot area, but do not take any damage. Interestingly, the Sakura does not have the same deadzone problem as havoc or the other sniper classes, which makes me assume that it has something to do with the male sniper models and their configurations.

From what I have gathered, the deadzone runs horizontally across the chest, under the clavicle and mid-pectoral as well as along the armpit lines where the arms meet the torso.

I'm no coder, not a programmer, nor developer, but I hope these videos help.




Right as I'm posting, the blackhand video is still being processed by YouTube, but the other videos display what I'm talking about nicely.

Shout-out to HaOsLsE (my dad, this is his account I'm using) and M4j0rs for helping me make the videos.


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