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Vehicle general steering


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Dear development team,

First of all I want to thank you for creating the game, It really surprised me positively in lots of ways and I think you guys really did a good job as for recreating renegade with a fresh new experience.

However there is only one point that bothers me while playing the beta and that is the delay that exists when you drive your vehicles.. In the classic Renegade it was possible to dodge incomming shells, shelter behind the harvester and terain and in de CW league people were actually juking the tank movement so the enemy would have to predict sides to where to shoot at. Which all was a very big contributor to what made renegade so great in my opinion.

I have a feeling that this is a ping related issue because the delay is greater in some servers then the other. I hope it is fixable on the UT3 engine, in the mean time ill just enjoy the beta how it is now.

Thanks for reading


The Zu

Edit: I found a video addressing the movement in both cs 1.6 and cs, found it interesting because it somewhat relates to this matter.


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