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Unable to Fire In Vehicles


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As the game progresses I often find myself getting into a vehicle with no means of firing. I can drive just fine but no reticle shows up and I am unable to fire. This seems to occur when you play a single match for quite a while. I'd say at least an hour or hour and a half.

A way to alleviate it is to get in and out of the vehicle until the reticle shows up. However I've notices this issue seems to only get worse as time goes on while in a match.

On a side note I've also noticed that firing in a vehicle with low ammunition, like a mammoth tank or something, while you're reloading if you click at the right time before you're reloaded you will reload again once fully reloaded rather than firing.

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This is a constant nuisance. Every once in a while it seems like the gun is jammed on the vehicle. I was in a med tank earlier with a hotty behind me and I could not kill this rav in front of me because of the gun jamming. I suspect it had something to do with the hotty getting in and out of the vehicle. When he was in with me, the gun would be unreliable. When he was out it was better but was still jamming. Very, very frustrating.

The hotty took off and I spent a frustrating few minutes with the gun jamming constantly hanging around the corner of the cliff. Must of looked like an idiot pulling out to attack and not firing a shot but pointing the barrel at everyone.

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