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Make the Repair Guns work like the Medigun in TF2

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If you made it an option in the options menu, that'd make it pointless. You'd be making one engineer better than another simply because one activated the ability in the options. (Assuming the other engineer didn't know it was there)

I'm against this, I like how Engineers work and keeping it true to Renegade would be much better. It's more difficult to be an engineer and makes it more rewarding to earn your credits for healing units. Also helps stop turtling as much. :P

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Typical counter argument for any "X has Y, why can't Z have Y" argument is "Z isn't X", and doesn't even answer the underlying question of "Why can't Z have Y". "Y would be overpowered" is at first seemingly a point, but has nothing to back it up on it's own. So let's deconstruct the medigun's mechanics to see why it would or would not make Renegade X a better game.

There are multiple smaller mechanics that makes the medigun in TF2. You've got the 1 click to lock on to heal. There's the heal beam continuing to work for a second despite losing Line of Sight. There's being able to heal your friend while looking behind you, or at least while not being dead on accurate. There's the ubercharge mechanic of invulnerability. Let's pick apart which ones would be useful for Ren X, and which ones would break it.

Once click to heal was brought in by Valve to combat a physical problem that has nothing to do with their game's balance: Repetitive Strain Injury. I think everyone here can agree not causing unneeded harm in order to play a game is pretty much good game design. This goes back to being able to turn screen shake or view bobbing off, brightness controls, and being able to turn down the volume before the loading screen flippin' kicks in at 200 decibels. However, it required at least one of the following two components on the list in order to work.

Healing does not end within one second of Line of Sight lost with the TF2 medigun. This may be a deal breaker until you consider that this is effectively about 10 armor. There are very few instances where ten more hp in one second is an issue, and they're primarily DoT based. It's arguable this is bad for Renegade X, but this is splitting hairs man. There's far more pressing balancing issues like the lack of career-checking team scramble.

Healing without being dead accurate is likely the main point of contention for players arguing against it. Specifically, they're giving grief because it changes infantry dynamics, and anti-tank C4. However, they never consider there's ways to counter balance it, like giving less heal per second (or none!) while the target infantry/C4 or shooter is moving. Additionally, it was possible in the original to be shooting in a different direction than your view, and that may or may not make a come back. Either way, it was possible to gain additional visual information while doing your repair job. If it's such a major point of contention, then bound the one click to repair to only work if within 45 degrees pitch and yaw between center view and shooting vectors.

Then there's the ubercharge mechanic. I'm absolutely certain that nobody smart is actually considering that part of DeepSpaceBass's original suggestion, but just in case: that was not what he was suggesting. I hope. That would be ridiculously overpowered.

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