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Thank you for Skirmish.


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I cannot thank the developers enough for the implementation of the Skirmish mode in Renegade X's Open Beta. I live in Australia so finding a game for fan projects like this can be a horrendous hassle at the best of times. A lot of games that I enjoy die quickly on the Aussie side of the world, and I have to deal with 300+ pings in order to enjoy those games.

There's sometimes a small batch of fellows that would play something but that's not always the case. So as I've grown up I've grown to adore playing against bots. It's one of my favourite things! Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2, Battlefied, Call of Duty. Whatever game has bots in it or has the modding capabilities to add them, I play it. I saw on these forums some people talking very negatively about AI and the developers talking about the coding it took to make them work. I just want to say, thank you. Thank you so very much for sticking to your guns and releasing this option along with the build. I know it wasn't easy, I make mods myself. So I'm glad you did.

You've added the thing I've wanted more than anything to C&C: Renegade. It's always been my favourite shooter so it's made me super sad that the mods could never give me a good skirmish option. Until now. I know this sounds corny but I really wanted to express how deeply thankful I am to the developers for making an option others would normally overlook. Some people may say Skirmish is stupid and isn't needed. But think about some players that just can't find a game for whatever reason. They'd be thankful. Just like me.

Keep up the great work.

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I liked Skirmish on paper and how they advertised how good the bots were, but they're actually really bad right now (sure, miles away from the original but the original didn't even try). Lots of efforts put into it, but in the end bots seems very simple minded, and there's very little possibilities (they don't even go everywhere, I have never seen a bot on top of walls).

I like AI, however for a game like this it needs a lot more to replace playing with players. And I do want better bots if the game is ever to die. I also wish we could organize things with bots or order them precisely, and that they would be capable of rushing and stealth attempts on their own.

Its a lot to ask, I know. Its unfortunate if thats all you have to play, because they really deliver an incredibly linear and not very fun experience at the moment.

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Very true, SFJake. But in the end, I don't mind. The way I see it I'm just lucky to have it. If what I've read on the forums is true then in the end I probably wouldn't have had this mode at all. If they improve the bots then I would be very happy, I'm sure quite a few people will. But right now the bots let me enjoy the game in some shape or form without lagging to hell and back and that's great. :)

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