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Cannot Join Correct Server?


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Each time a friend and I click to connect to the same server we never end up on the same server.

We have carefully made sure we have attempted to connect to the same server well in excess of 20 times, with different servers as the test server and one of us keeps ending up in the complete wrong place.

Question: How do I tell what server I am connected to?

Question: Are there multiple instances per server or something?

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snap me and a friend are in the same situation, have tired so many dam times to get on the same server its unreal, it just wont take us to the same server, and tbh most of the time i neither of us end up on the server we where trying to get into in the first place, have tired the Renegade X Launcher, have tired the in game browser, and even tired both adding same ip and it still wont let us in same server

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