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[Feedback] Officer Chaingun


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This is my absolute favourite character class from the old game, I used it all the time and as such have been continuing the trend to see what youve made of it in this installment. Ive been using it religiously despite its bugs to create the best feedback I can on it. <3

Currently the weapon is flawed in a few ways which make it needlessly hard to use and "weak" compared to other infantry weapons.

Aiming and accuracy

Firstly the most predominantly the weapons aim center is lower than the dot displayed by the aim reticle. the center for the weapon is in the middle between the lower curve and the dot of the reticle.

The accuracy of the actual gun projectiles with that aside make it extremely difficult to kill opponents that aren't standing right next to you, the bullets spray everywhere and only one or two bullets will hit every half second you hold the trigger down. The Shotgun, Chemsprayer and Flamethrower are far better at point blank range than the chaingun, (and rightly so) and at medium ranges the other infantry rifles also are better due to the lack of wind up and their superior accuracy.

The hip position the weapon is fired from make using the weapon on any surface that isnt a flat plane impossible or very ineffective, most of the bullets hit the ground further spurred on by the recoil of the weapon dragging the weapon towards the ground. shooting down hills without exposing your entire body isnt possible either.

Damage and range.

I havent been able to fully really asses the maximum range of the weapon due to the strange way renegade X highlights enemies, however i can say that again at most ranges the chaingun is outdone by all other weapons

From what ive seen the damage to infantry is okay if the weapon actually hits the target, i understand that it trades damage for rate of fire, but trade doesn't work as well as it should (What is the rate of fire of the chaingun? It didnt seem any more than the autorifle)

Against vehicles it does slight damage to light armour, more than the original gun so i can be thankful for that, however again the weapons accuracy make shooting even vehicles at long to medium ranges a waste of time. and with splash damage as immense as it is, all light armoured vehicles can kill you almost instantly at any other range so its pretty much useless.

General use

The weapons wind up makes it impossible to surprise an enemy or survive a surprise attack from an enemy.

The need to keep firing or face the dreaded wind up makes the unit very short range, you cant go more than 2 feet from the base because of ammo needs.

you find somebody in the base and begin shooting them, the first bullets alert them to your presence and they take cover, now they have taken cover you must stop shooting or you simply are not going to have the ammo to finish them. but if you stop shooting and they jump out and attack you, the time it takes to wind the gun back up makes you a sitting duck even though it should be you in control of the situation.

the only thing you can do to maximise your chances of success (and survival) is hold down the trigger whilst moving around the obstacle the enemy is hiding behind hoping to catch them before the clip is empty.

Suggested fixes

*Center the aiming dot

*Tighten the bullet spread a little (not too much) to make attacking beyond 10m viable

*Remove the wind up completely

*Reduce the clip capacity to 200 but increase overall ammo quantity to 600.

*Slightly increase the damage done vs Aircraft due to the complications created by terrain and hip firing.

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I noticed the class was quite terrible right now.

If they're intent on keeping the minigun weapons (meaning the nod's laser chaingun as well) working closer like a minigun, they need to make alt-fire rotate the weapon without firing so we can keep it at the ready and shoot whenever we need to.

Or just make it like before and remove the wind up completely, that would work too, it really is too big a weakness in a game like Renegade.

Its at least important to recognize that the miniguns are too weak right now.

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I'd bump the damage up a notch due to the slow wind up time. Or as someone already said, alt fire to spin the barrel (ahh, the good old UT days).

Also, keep in mind that officer has higher HP then standard infantry, somewhat balancing out the damage to health ratio.

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