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Cannot move


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Hey there!

I can't move my character around in the game. Jumping, crouching, changing perspective, firing, etc. all works, but just walking with WASD does not. Rebinding the keys does not fix this. But for example I can reassign jumping to the W key and it will work, so the game definitely gets the keystrokes. I tried a different keyboard, didn't change anything. I turned off all software for periphery devices, unplugged/replugged a gamepad that i have normally connected, but nothing I did would fix this issue.

This bug happens in singleplayer as well as multiplayer.

Any ideas?

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Also if I play Team Fortress 2 My screen just spins around..is this a direct x issue? video driver? or a mouse/keyboard driver? Everything is updated and has no issues outside of these games? any ideas?

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Son of a bitch! I fixed it!

Yesterday I downloaded the game Hawken and ran into EXACTLY the same problem! Played around for a bit and realized that my Xbox 360 pad would work (in Hawken AND RenegadeX). Then I dug into the Hawken forums and searched for a solution and finally got it: uninstall the program Synergy!

It's a program where you can share mouse+keyboard input with several computers, it's actually pretty awesome. It wasn't even running while playing Hawken or RenegadeX, but apperently it still snatched away my input. Besides that uninstalling it fixed a lot of problems I had in other games, where my mouse sensitivity skyrocketed after about 5 seconds into the game and leaving it unplayable (Octodad, Max Payne 1+2, League of Legends, and so many more).

So again my advice: input problems -> uninstall Synergy, even if it is not running

Don't know, perhaps a newer version of Synergy does not cause this issue anymore. else I'll try to contact his developer about this.

I'm so happy :D

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