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Some General Questions


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I know it just entered beta, but I'm curious which (if any) additions will be added in the future. At it's current state it feels somewhat lacking in certain areas.

Will there be a dedicated full-scale "map" you can bring up in the future, hopefully with titled locations? Spotting in the game tells you the area in which the enemy is, but without a map the extra specificity is useless.

Any chance of adding a list of occupants and seats in vehicles? Or perhaps a more dynamic vehicle icon that shows where the turret is facing relative to the chassis?

Any plans to add vehicle horns? A buggy doesn't feel right without one, not to mention it would be great for getting people's attention/causing distraction amongst the enemy. :D

Is there any information on upcoming maps or game modes? Is the setting for maps going to be elusively TWI era, or is fighting in the red zones a possibility? Or, if not that, any plans for civilian structures? Perhaps some civilian vehicles as well?

Fairly sure its not there at the moment, but a "Thank You" voice command would be much appreciated.

Any plans to make the GDI weapons factory a little more... fantastic? Maybe more smokes, sparks or assembly arms? Perhaps some welding lights shining through the crack in the doors? I thought Nods' airstrip delivery system in comparison was superb. The shaking of the plane as it struggles with the force of the JATO rockets is... quite beautiful in its own way. It doesn't get old to watch, which is great considering the length of the animation. GDI's weapon factory looks rather boring, especially with how you see the vehicle materialize after the doors open. I imagine it should be the other way around.

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The full map thing is a maybe, The seats in vehicle is a yes, vehicle horns is actually new never thought of it before so i can be discussed. There will be new maps and models in futures updates. Thank you command in Renegade was alawys cntl+7 meaning Affirmative. All buildings will be updated in the future. Hope this helps.

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As much as i know

Taken from the Renegade X Front Page

Future Content

The content below will be released through patches and new versions of Renegade X.

-More multiplayer levels

-More tech buildings, including a caputrable Repair Facility and Communications Centre

-Clanwars ladder

-More items

-New gamemode(s)

-Glitch fixes

-Custom map and mod support

-More to be announced on a later date!

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