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Losing beacons when selecting another char?


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Is this a bug or a feature?

If I buy an airstrike or a SW beacon, and then decide I want to change my character (let's say from an engie to a SBH or to a Hottie), I lose the beacon AND the credits.

Something really should be done about this.

If it's a bug, FIX IT.

If it's an intentional design feature, GIVE ME A FKING PROMPT. Seriously, let me know that I'm about to lose a beacon that SHOULD be transferable to any character I buy as long as I don't die.

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There's another bug in which it doesn't let you buy airstrikes. I'd have to do a lot more debugging to figure it out, but I think it lets you buy ONE and then when you go back for another one, even though it will be lit up and you have the money, you click on it and it ACTS like you bought it, but you didn't lose any money and you don't have it...

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