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A number of semi annoying things.


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Another short list of things, though not worthy of adding to the REALLY annoying things list.

The ingame text is visible for only about 2 seconds, not even nearly long enough to read all of what was said.

When refreshing the ingame server list to see if the player count on a server has dropped, the sorting order is put back to stock values as well, should stay arranged how you wanted it regardless of refresh.

Vehicle actions are performed half a second after my input, I hold right and the wheel waits half a second and then turns in the direction I asked, -very- irritating, pretty sure this one is known though.

Servers need a customisable splash screen of some kind, or join text making it clear what server you have joined. "welcome to Blackcell / Jelly / St0rm Renegade X" or some kind of logo at join that fades away after a second. would be neat

Map lighting should illuminate player models appropriately: pic here

If I kill somebody with a proxy or timed C4 it counts as thier suicide not my kill. making it much harderd to know when mines need to be replaced.

The falls you can take damage from are far too small at the moment, i cant jump into the tunnels without losing 20+ HP, I shouldnt be losing health doing things ive been doing for 10 years in the original.

If you are low on HP and get repaired by a Hotwire you can actually surpass your base level of health, the bar will go past 100/100 to like 100/102. for free infantry.

Officers chain gun wind up makes the weapon waste ammo. I cant surprise an enemy without wasting bullets. Nobody wants to jump around the corner without the full dps potential of their character going down range. meaning bullets are simply wasted against the wall until the full spin is up, if the gun has a wind up I dont think it should shoot at all until it is at full spin.

Whiteout is a great map, but its near impossible to see text on GDI, nevermind reading it. global text is a complete loss also.

Sound distortion is much too high, while the effect is cool, it makes things sound way further away than they actually are. renegade maps are small (for the most part), the distortion of sound from a gun firing in an open field 20 meters away sounds more like its 400-500m away, its extremely disorientating.

There is no red barn on field anymore, this made me very sad indeed. please put the little red barn back.

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