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Renegade x wont start


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hi guys,

after a crash from Renegade X it wont start. When i Start Renegade X nothin will happend, but when i look in my Task manager there is UDK.exe startet and do nothing. Udk.exe use 19.500 ram and stopped.

There comes no error message or someting...nothing and i have to close the UDK.exe in the task manager.

my System

Windows 7 pro

Amd athlon 64 x2 3,01Ghz

3gb ram

Geforce Gt 610 1gb

p.s I reinstalled renegade x and the problem is the same...hope u can help me..


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If it worked before, I'd recommend restoring your pc to a date/time when it worked. If that still doesn't fix it, then try these troubleshooting steps (go to the next step if RenegadeX still doesn't work):

1: Redownload, then reinstall Renegade X

2: Check video drivers and do a clean installation

3: Update Directx

4: Check for hardware problems (CPU, RAM, HDD errors)

5: If EVERYTHING ELSE FAILS, and IF you can, reinstall Windows.

Any other suggestions guys?

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