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Other items?

H.D. Lovecraft

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(as in, buildings in the middle of the map given to the team in lead).

This isn't completely true for the concept of tech buildings in and of themselves. The issue you're bringing up is a single instance of a map related issue, not a tech building issue.

Field, which, when you break it down, is two bases on opposite sides of a single battle arena. Hence, having a tech building in that one and only area between each base is going to give the leading team the advantage.

But that is not the case when they are put into maps with multiple routes to each base. For example, on Whiteout, there are 3 paths between each base: left, right and middle. The tech building is off on one side, but there are still 2 other ways to attack the enemy. So in a map like this, you either control the portion of the field with the tech building (and thin defenses in the other two regions) or you let the enemy control it and you attack via another route.

So basically, there isn't any problems with tech buildings specifically. They just need to have more thought placed into how and where they are put into a map.

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