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GDI early game balance problems


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Hello. First of all thanks for the game i really appreciate all the work you did for people who cared about C&C franchise. Game is good but have some problems with balance and tiny maps. I just hope it will get better in the future because for me it was like a gasp of fresh air in a century of brown and bloom military shooters. Renegade X is FUN but it has some problems with balance.

Its not a secret that its easier to kill with splash damage in a game than spendin gorillion of bullets trying to hit an enemy with a rifle. After playing for 2 days i've noticed a huge balance problem on the GDI side. When i join GDI i just pick McFarland because its a nobrainer. he has and automatic shotgun\nadelauncher that blasts enemy in a couple of hits. So when GDI gets really OP McFarland NOD gets pretty horrible flamethrowher guy who requires a lot more skill to hit an enemy. Also McFarland costs only 150$ so i can spam McFarlands for the whole game because of how cheap and powerful he is! I ask you to make him more expensive in order to balance things because NOD doesnt get good cheap units in the early stage of the game. Its also harder to make a comeback for NOD unless your team understand what they are doing and this doesnt happen often enough. When GDI rely on the raw power and mammonth tanks NOD gets pretty shallow things like stealth tanks and stealth troopers. And to be clear about that - stealth doesnt work properly in this game. It would be cool if the unit become COMPLETELY invisible when standing still and be fully visible when they shoot or they could have some stealth gauge that gives stealth for a limited amount of time but in the situation we have now not even poor NOD laser soliders are capable of doing something against McGranades of McFarland that fly half across the map and do shitton of damage. And im not even talkin about Gunner yet with splashrockets.

TLDR; McFarland is too cheap for his abilites, Stealth is broken for not. Splash damage> percise weapons(not including 1hit sniper rifles)

Thanks again. Sorry for bad english.

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Mammoth was overbuffed. I don't even consider he needed a buff.

You underrate stealth, unless its bugged, it -should- be visible when close enough. Its actually VERY powerful when used right.

McFarland is definitely my favorite price/damage ratio. Not that many people pick him but I do, especially early game, and he's a beast. I don't want his arsenal nerf, but I think he needs a slight price increase.

A problem however, is that all servers are using 150 credit start (which is right enough for McFarland). A 0 credit start is more fair, if you ask me.

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I think the issue is that in vanilla Renegade, the Flamer and Chem Trooper (for same price as McFarland) had armor buffs associated with them. Both took much less explosive damage, negating splash, and Chem had near-immunity from Tiberium weapons.

This doesnt seem to be the case in X, I haven't explicitly tested it, but any bonuses they may have seem much weaker. I would prefer some armor buffs for them as opposed to nerfing McFarland. Even for a skilled player, the flamer and chem trooper are only rarely preferable to the shotgunner and often useless.

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