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Better Aircraft Implementation


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Just some ideas to make aircraft even more fun:

- Make aircraft weapons a little bit more powerful.

- Make aircraft ammunition limited.

- Make a base Helipad building that allows the purchase of aircraft, as well as refills the health and ammunition of existing aircraft.

- Purchased aircraft will fly in from outside the map and land next to the Helipad.

1.) Because landing on the Helipad would block players from resupply.

2.) Because having a cargo plane drop off an Apache is kinda weird.

3.) Back when I played the original Renegade and was eagerly awaiting the aircraft to be released, I seem to remember the devs explaining that they had originally wanted to use helipads for the aircraft, but there was a deadline issue or they had some sort of problem so it never got put in the game.

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yes I remember the deadline issue also ...

that was also the reason why aircrafts were patched in later

I think I played a mod where the aircrafts came in from outside and landed next to the pad

would be sweet for renegadex

but refill and stronger weapons are not needed imho

btw, repairbays may come back, but as a techbuilding on the field ...

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