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Real Time Map Idea


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I've been thinking lately that it'd be pretty cool to be able to pull up a real time map with the "M" key.

- Map would view the battlefield in real time from high above (It would look like a traditional RTS)

- Map would be shrouded in fog of war. Each soldier, vehicle and building would have a "sight range" around them on the map, clearing away the fog of war. Vehicles would have a further sight range than infantry.

- All units and building would show up with a green or red box around them along with a unit type and health bar at the top.

- Commands could not be issued, nor could enemies be tagged from this screen, as this could potentially alter the Renegade gameplay. It would simply function as a map.

- There could be a crate that could reveal the enemy base for a period of time.

Other options:

- The map could be a function of the Communications Center tech building. Capturing the building gives the team access to the map.


- Both teams could have a destructable Communications Center building as part of their base. The Communications Center would allow access to the Real Time Map. The building could also offer a new spy satellite technology (Or whatever the tech was in TibDawn. I can't remember.) that you could purchase, maybe in the same menu as Airstrike and Beacons, that would allow you to choose a location on the map to be revealed for your team.

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