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Communication with Teammates


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After playing a few maps, I've noticed there is a real lack in communication between teammates. I'm not sure if VOIP has made it's way into the beta, but the standard list of voice overs is a bit cumbersome. To fix this, I suggest creating something like BF2/2142's Commo rose system.


For those who have't seen this before, holding 'Q' brings up the menu. Your mouse highlights an option, moving the mouse in whichever direction will highlight the message. A click will select the message which is put heard over teamwide radio. The message will come up in a chat log specifically for Commo-Rose messages, and your minimap icon will blink. If you need repairs/health/ammo, your minimap icon will change for your teammates to reflect your need (A wrench means you need repairs). Friendly icons will change aswell, so someone else using an engineer kit will turn to a wrench, making it easier for you to find an engi.

I find it's alot simpler than the current list of messages, and operates alot faster and smoother. This would also ease comms between a vehicle in need of repairs, infantry who need their armor replenished, or someone needs a couple buddies to follow him. It's also great for those of us who like to play the often hard and thankless support classes.

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The game needs a quick way of requesting transport from a vehicle with an empty slot or an apc/chinook. Something similar to tf2's medic system would be nice (an icon shows your teammates location and heath if they say "I need repairs"

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