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Some feedack from the graphics options and other


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First of, I want to compliment you on the great game! It's a blast and yesterday I had many epic moments.

Now to business...

When I unable the dynamic lights and dynamic shadows, the game crashes in proximately 10-20 minutes after I've joined a server. I've tried 64 players and 32 players, still the same. When their are not enabled, I can pretty much play the game all day non stop.

Another thing that I've noticed was that the thunder in Mesa II is not affected by the audio options. I've put them to 5% and when the thunder goes boom, I can hear its sound from the headset across my room.

Also, when I alt+tab, the game crashes sometimes.

One more thing, which annoyed me a bit was the lack of 1920x1080 resolution option. (My native) When will it become available?

Again, a very well made game with some bugs but they'll get sorted. It punched back to the past :D

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Did you change all the audio options? The thunder was the correct volume for me.

Never had the alt+tab thing happen...

Try changing the configuration .ini file so that y is 1080 and x is 1920. It is an option for most people, but some (like yourself) have had issues with that.

Thanks for the feedback!

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