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How to configure a LAN server?


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Sorry to be pestering you guys for information when you're probably as busy as you've ever been with this project, but my LAN group wanted to run a local event to celebrate the release of RenX, and as the closest thing to a competent individual in the group, it's falling to me to figure this out. Or bother someone else until they figure it out for me. I've been trying to piece it together from the sparse documentation posted here and on the UDK wiki, but I'm not having much luck.

How do I configure a server to be LAN instead of online? Just the normal UDK bIsLanMatch doesn't seem to be a functional command.

And is there and easy way to connect to a LAN server other than via console?

Thanks in advance!

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Im also looking forward to this. we plan a LAN in 1.5 weeks and i dont know how to do this.

2: why i cant add bots to the server? we are only 8 ppl and want to play bigger maps with coop :( we dont like 5min. Games. they should be big, many options, more tactic then simple rush in, die, rush in, die.

3: Restrict to first person would be also good for server options. Looking around corners and stones but the enemy cant see you is unfair (imo).

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So, problem.

To run a LAN game, you recommend that I just host a normal game and password it so people online don't join.

And you have to join LAN games through the console, right?

Well, connecting through the console doesn't give you an opportunity to enter a password. It just ejects you back to the main menu after the connection attempt immediately fails.

What do?

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