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I'm just nostalgia'ing all over the place


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A link to Renegade X popped in a gaming unit I am a member of, and I immediately had a nostalgia attack.

I wasted SO many hours as a kid on this game from 2002-2005, it basically defined an entire chunk of my development. I remember playing on the old CRT at 1024x768 and playing NOD Tech, mining the base, sweeping for C4 and repping vehicles/structures. I can't express my excitement at a remake of Renegade, and from the videos I've seen, a very faithful remake at that. Depending on my actual gameplay experience, I wouldn't have a single problem throwing my money at the devs.

A couple of quick questions while the game downloads:

1. How will mod compatibility work? I have some pretty fond memories of some of the crazier mods that came to some of the servers back in the day.

2. Are there easter eggs/cheats like the original? Namely the only alt+numpad trick to get the mutants?

3. Is there any way for me to throw money at the devs?

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Cleric, I had the exact same feeling you did. I stumpled upon this website a few short months before release (Thank god it was only a few months!)

As I waited eagerly for the release I went back to my fond memories of this game as well, but I notice you said "Wasted" so many hours in this game.

I would like to fix that by saying "Spend many wonderful and enjoyable" hours playing :)

Anyways, I have similar questions as you :) Im sure they have some types of easter eggs somewhere in the game, I'm not great at finding them myself so I'll probably wait and see what people find.

As for donating to them I wonder this as well :) Hope to see you ingame some time!

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