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*Building* repaired...


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When a building comes under siege and the engies are repairing it the 'repaired' announcement is repeated over and over and over and over again until it drives everyone nuts. Maybe put some limit on how often it can be broadcasted. Same for any other announcements that are repeated too often.

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It's not as bad as it once was, but it is still pretty bad.

IMO, the announcement for a building being repaired should be a pretty low priority in terms of the importance of different announcements.

The way I think it should work has two critera:

1. The amount of damage the building is taking.

2. A literal minimum time limit between announcements.

Basically, there would never be the announcement saying "building is repaired" unless the building's health had dropped below 85%. So, pretty much if it's not taking enough damage to force it's HP below 85%, then there really is no point in alerting the rest of your team that it was repaired.

Secondly, if the HP does drop below 85% at one point and is then repaired back to 100%, the announcement should sound off. After, there should be about a 10 second delay until the next time that specific structure is announced to be repaired. Then it would repeat again, waiting for the building to drop below 85% and back.

So, basically, dropping below 85% would prep the announcement, and repairing it to 100% would trigger the announcement and start a 10 second lockout. Then it would repeat the process.

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