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Superweapon warnings aren't loud enough


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Honestly, it might just be me driving in a really loud vehicle but I've noticed that the superweapon warning messages really aren't noticeable.

The message needs to be at least 3x as loud as it is now, because the vehicle I was driving was at least 2x the volume of the warning message, so I didn't notice it.

I've also noticed that unless if the team is on top of things, the superweapon can go completely unnoticed.

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Yeah, all of the usual indicators of a beacon being placed are not noticable / audible enough. Also, the weather change from the original is missing too.

I'm not sure but I think the beacon placement indicator in the old renegade was a bug. And after this many year I doubt there is a way to see if it was a bug or not.

Yes the vocal are kind of low but you can just adjust the other volumes so that you can hear it.

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